Friday, April 20, 2007

"Islamic-style" Swimsuit

'I felt more welcome in the Bible belt'

Manal Omar had used her five-piece 'Islamic-style' swimsuit for years - in Rio, Washington and Kuala Lumpur - and it had never brought her more than a curious glance. Then she went for a dip in Oxford ...

One Sunday last month I went for my afternoon swim at my local David Lloyd's fitness club wearing the Islamic-style swimsuit I have been wearing for years. The swimsuit has recently been celebrated by media outlets from Newsweek to National Geographic as an innovative way for Muslim women to become more active. As an American-Muslim woman, I have always been determined to be active without compromising my faith. I have been swimming in capital cities across the world from Rio de Janeiro to Washington DC to Kuala Lumpur, and now London. Although I get curious stares, I have never had any awkward moments when I head out for a swim.

Guardian Article

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At 4/20/2007 10:25:00 PM , Blogger purvis said...

Reading this made me so ANGRY. Not because of how that man behaved, but because of the "journalist" who didn't feel it relevant to interview the woman at the center of the very incident she was writing about. This reminds me of a similarly-minded writer, deciding on behalf of civilization that a niqabis should remove their veils (although she herself has not likely met or worked with a Muslim woman, much less a niqabi) because she finds it "rude."

This sister wrote beautifully about her experience, and I hope that enough British people read it to re-think whatever two-dimensional stereotypes they have about Muslim women.

At 4/23/2007 08:18:00 AM , Anonymous amina said...

SubhanAllah. It's a shame that people have to endure such situations. As a hijabi who has participated running 5k events, it's strange the reactions I've gotten from people. They assume I'm a cancer patient covering a bald head, or they realize it's a religious covering and avoid looking my way. Either way, alhamdulillah I never had to face a reaction like that sister got. I say good for her for being out there and participating in sports she loves, and shame on the man who didn't have better manners than to attack a woman because she refused to show off her body. Here in the US maybe she could have sued him for sexual harrassment!

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