Monday, February 25, 2008

Sharing a success story

Assalam alaikum

How fast can you raise $5,127 for needy school children?

With the help of Allah, things can be pretty fast. BUT only if we took

So, that's why we want to share this success story with you, so you
get motivated to take your first step.

In less than 5 hrs of work over the weekend, three brothers gathered
(two cheerleaders one worker) and finished the first version of (a site the pool resources for a specific cause).

With limited publicity, just friends, we are already getting donations
from all over the globe (*) and positive remarks like this.

> "I love the idea, masha'Allah. I wonder
> if can help at all... I will certainly
> post a link to the site, at the least. "

The idea of HalfDate is not just about money, but pooling diverse
resources (e.g. expertise, word of mouth, micro-donations, grassroots
media,...), all the ingredients of having a tipping point effect, so
in-sha-Allah we can do something for the Ummah.

So how can you help? Just visit the site and post a comment.

May Allah reward you.


PS: Don't forget to post a comment, What's in it for you? Allah knows
best, so just post your comment and you will find out sooner or later.

PPS: We are looking for volunteers for logo, writing stories about it,
or simply spreading the word.

*The donation indicator (Chipin) on the site is not working now, so
you can't see the progress.


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