Monday, August 28, 2006

Hijab Stories Preview #1

assalam alaikum,

We are working on an audio project for hijab stories.

A preview is available below.

If you or someone you know have unique hijab stories to share, please contact us.

In-sha-Allah, we are seeking a wide range of stories. Currently, we are working on these:
-a convert sister, she is a closetted sister and her parents don't know. Everytime she has to pull out her drive way then puts on her hijab.
-one mother inspired to wear hijab after her teenager started to wear hijab in public school
-some muslim countries profile muslims as their race only, like one chinese sister in malaysia was wearing hijab in the majid, but everyone in the masjid was asking her, "Are you Muslim?"

Also non-hijabi stories, why don't they practice hijab? (nothing against them, but we want to understand them). Are they the real oppressed one, because they avoid hijab due to peer pressures?

Hope you can contribute, or at least spread the word.

Jazakum Allahu khairan

PS: To participate, we can send you the questions and you record your answers, or by skype or any IM. So don't worry about your personal phone number being revealed.

More Stories

To participate, click to see the guidelines

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At 8/29/2006 04:46:00 PM , Blogger salma said...

mashallah i deeply respect your work may Allah bless you all for doing this

At 8/31/2006 12:30:00 AM , Blogger Andalusia said...

This is a great topic. As for myself, I have a hijab story.

I always say Muslim women are the greatest ambassadors for Islam. we can promote islam or hurt it based on our behaviour.

A case in point: Several years ago, I was in college. I was in a class and this girl kept tugging on my hijab. It started to really annoy me -- as you can imagine.

I got upset, but - alhamdulillah - held my temper. After class, I turned and asked her -- "Why are you pulling on my headpiece?"

She said -- "Oh. That's what u call it? I wanted to ask you why you wear it. " As a result, I sat with her after class, and explained hijab to her. Over the next few weeks, I sat with her many times, until one night, she called me up. Said My boyfriend just came from out of town, and we had relations.

I asked her --"Why are you telling me this -- Is it something new?" She said, "No. But I feel guilty. It seems, she was leaning towards Islam. She felt her sin and wanted to repent. That night she took her shahadah.

So my hijab was a door for her to enter Islam. We never know How Allah is going to use us.

Alhamdulllah for our hijabs - our badge of honor that distinguishes us from non- Muslims.

At 10/08/2007 05:12:00 PM , Anonymous amyheidi said...

Salaam. I am a sister from Brunei. Here is my hijjab story to share.

During my teen years, I wore the hijjab, but I think its more cultural , though Allah knows best.

At that time, the (now ex-) boyfriend asked me to open my hijjab, but I said no. I was determined to keep my hijjab.

Two years later, we broke up, and that was the start of my non-hijjab days/yo-yo hijjab days.

I was a yo-yo hijjabi (and very nearly lost faith in islam, nauzubillah) for almost three years before I met an islamic bookstore.

I love to read, and the islamic bookstore opened my eyes to islam once more. But its not strong enough for me to don the hijjab for real, I was still yo-yoing.

I then met a halaqah muslimah group, and I renewed my interest in reading more books on islam. I then wore the hijjab again, determined to wear it permanently, alas I lost with jihad an-nafs, and opened my hijjab during one of my field/lab practical session.

Only after attending the halaqah session a few times, and as Ramadhan is here, I said to myself, must wear hijjab permanently now, insyallah.

And I did. I wore the hijjab and I am determined not to let it go this time around. I am determined to fight against my nafs.

My halaqah sisters and my parents are supporting my decision to wear the hijjab permanently. And now, my non-hijjabi friends. Though they are a bit freaked out when they see me change through my blog, but they are also supporting my decision.

Alhamdulillah. I have not opened my hijjab outside the house since the day I decided to wear it for real.

Now, after reading the stories about other hijjabi sisters being oppressed just because of the hijjab at other countries, I feel so sad how I really take my right to wear it for granted here in Brunei. The thought of not being able to wear the hijjab now saddens me so much.

At 11/15/2007 12:49:00 PM , Anonymous salwa said...

salaam people,

i never used to wear hijab until i came to university. my mother only started to wear one a few years ago, it was'nt a big deal. when i left home and had to go out alot more by myself, shopping etc etc i noticed more how people, men in particular would talk to me, and approach me. it was'nt a comfortable experince... i wanted people to know i was muslim before they even spoke to me. no better way then wearing hijab.
it took me a week before i wore it, i thought about it loads and sometimes kept me up most nights.. but then i thought why am i so worried, am i worried because of what people will think and say? but then i thought im not doing this for peoples approval or to fit in. im doing this for allah and thats the most important thing, the next day i went out to town and bought a handful of hijabs, got back home and tryed them on and experimented with different styles.

the next morning had a lecture.. on the way there i had a few odd stares, but i expected that and i didnt care. i walked into my lecture and everyone stopped and stared.. and it didnt bother me at all, it felt natural wearing the headscarf, im glad iv finally did it... and i'm ashamed a little i did'nt do it sooner.

i have to say its costing a bit as i have to buy a whole new wardrobe, more modest clothing and lots of hijabs to match. :)

peace. :)

At 11/15/2007 12:59:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


its nice to see other muslim sisters, but once iv got to kno them and understand their reason for wearing hijab it seems to be more cultural for them, and as they have said for their ''parents''. i can't believe that!
my parents didnt know about me wearing my hijab until i went back home for eid. they were so happy and they never put any pressure on me to wear it. thankfully allah guided me when i asked for guidence. mashallah :)

so when i see hijabies now i don't think of them any different from a non-hijabie as only allah knows thier true reason for wearing it.
the best and the only reason should be for allah... not for you'r parents, or culture or friends. it's a waste and these girls wont recieve the rewards for wearing it properly, meaning for the right reason.



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