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Facing the challenges, savoring the triumphs - life of a new

Assalam alaikum, allows unlimited length of video, and since they are a Muslim site, better to give them traffic instead of YouTube.

Facing the challenges, savoring the triumphs - life of a new Muslim
Naima B. Robert author of my sisters' lips

Talk covered:

Life at the point of shahadah and beyond! What does it feel like to embrace Islam from another culture?
What areas of a persons life can be affected, what can be the impact of the conversion?

What are the highs and lows?

Next 20 minutes:
Family related issues can be covered:
1. Working out how to tell your family the news of your conversion
2. Working out how to introduce your new beliefs and way of life into your relationship with them, such as halal food, hijab, alcohol, celebrations of non-Islamic festivals, etc.
3. Trying to show your family and friends that you haven't joined an extremist cult, and that you won't grow out of it in time
4. Trying to show your family that Islam has made you a better person
5. Lack of resources to deal with fallout of converting (ex. What to do if legal action is taken by convert family)
6. Answering constant insult about Islam from family/friends
7. Dealing with non-monotheists (people of the book family members)

Last 20 minutes:
How can Muslims respond to the needs of Converts and how can they be of most help?
What do converts need from their Muslim community?

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At 4/09/2008 03:21:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to know how to really live halal.
Part of living halal , I should not cause any Zulm, i.e violate the rights of others.
We do this quite often for eg.
a. When we stop at a Traffic Light hafway crossing the line, thereby causing Zulm on the pedestrians.
b. We use Office resources for personal work.
c. We come late to Office and chat all day.
d. We don't give a 100% at work and expect salary hikes.

Are we really living halal? LivingHalal?


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