Thursday, December 27, 2007

Review: Kid Content of is a Web site that has a considerable amount of Islamic resources, e.g. Quran audio with English translation, which LivingHalal has used in its videos.

May Allah reward them and help them to improve.

Below is a review that we received from a brother about the Kids corner of Islamweb.

Well, you are often collecting reviews and opinions on things. You now have your first review of "kids corner" on Islamweb.

Something funny just happened.

I was looking through Islamweb and found "kids corner". Excited that I can show it to Haniyah, I clicked through and started going through one of the illustrated stories. First, I was a bit disappointed that everything looked arcane, and I was sure Haniyah will find it "scary." Why is Islamic = Medieval?

Anyway, I continued. The name of the story was "who is the owner of the jar" (I was thinking it would be about a cookie jar but it wasn't!). Anyway... i clicked through the story which was about two men who couldn't decide as to who is the owner of the jar full of gold that one man finds buried in a land he bought. Neither wants to claim the gold. One says he sold the land with whatever was in it so the jar is not his. The other says he bought the land not the gold so the jar is not his. They go to the judge. And the judge says... check this out... "do you have children?" Conveniently, one has a son and the other has a daughter. So the judge tells them to marry their children so that both can share the gold... and they both are happy!

I mean... what the heck is that! What is going on here? Marry your children so that you can split the gold? What's the point, what's the message for the children or the adults for that matter...? Now... I don't know if the story is taken from a narration or someone just made it up (later seems to be the case) but whatever its genesis might be, it certainly doesn't belong to "kids corner" (or any corner for that matter).

By the way, I checked out one Nasheed as well (Galla Allah is the title). It's so poor even I can't figure out what the message is for half of it. I don't know how much it costed to create this site but it really is disappointing...

I once searched for and found some "Islamic cartoons" they were so scary that i didn't even ask Haniyah to watch them after five minutes. can't Muslims create something that is relevant to what kids experience these days? we live in LA and never see stars but even then twinkle twinkle seems more relevant for my daughter.

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