Monday, August 11, 2008

Save your sister from Riba/interest

assalam alaikum

I writing regarding Umm Zakiyyah, the sister who entered into a scholarship contest organized by Peterson (Petersonnelnet on YouTube).

I don't know her, so I can't endorse her or anything, but I decided to
help her, because 1- she wants to stay away from Riba 2- It's a golden
opportunity for Dawah.

So, here is why it's a good idea for you to help.

Three reasons you should adopt this campaign:

1- She presents a positive image for Muslims: a- go to school, b-
average Americans can relate to her (someone who speaks their language,
needs financial assistance for schooling, have multiple responsibilities as
a mother and a student c- got family values, cares for her kids).

2- Free Dawah through Petersonsnelnet. Usually organizers sends the
news all over the media, so imagine if a women with Hijab is the winner

3- Helping a Muslim to stay away from Riba (this is listed as number 3, because, arguably, we can simply raise $5000 to her, but if we adopt this project, it has more values than just donation)

The deadline is Aug 31, 2008, just in time for Ramadan, so it's good to enter Ramadan with some good deeds, don't you think so?

What can you do?

1- Set her video as your home page till Aug 31st.

2- If you have youtube channel, feature it like this:

3- upload this info video to your channel

May Allah help you, because he promised to help you so long you help your fellow Muslim. In this case, you are helping me (cuz I'm asking you), and you are helping Umm Zakiyyah and her family.

-ibn Halal

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