Saturday, December 16, 2006

LivingHalal Brainstorming: Gift Ideas

One brother from Bangladesh, he has this idea of making poor families self-sustained. So instead of giving them one time money, he wants to buy them a goat or a cow and help them to raise it, use it, sell it, etc. The animal is giving as a loan, meaning if the project is successful, he would later take another animal from the family or its equivalent in cash to give the same to another poor family... and so on... so the project will sustain itself.

Are there any Muslims projects like this? If you know any, please post them in the comment section.

Here is a story of such a giving organized by Heifer International, a woman in American gave cow on behalf of her children (as gift) to a poor family in Romania Giving a cow giftcard.


At 12/17/2006 06:51:00 AM , Anonymous Amina said...

I've been familiar with Heifer Project International for years. My grandfather was involved with it through his church, I had a friend who worked with them, and I used to take school groups on field trips to their local "example" farm in Arkansas. It's an extremely successful approach to helping people become self-sufficient. Personally I think this would be a worthwhile group for Muslims to get in support of. I don't know of any such Islamic organizations that we have in place, but I believe if someone had the funds/time/initiative to take it on it would definitely be a great project as a zakat distribution and a dawa. Ma'salaama...


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