Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Up Coming Shows Lineup

Assalam alaikum,

We are a bit busy/lazy... but in-sha-Allah the following shows are coming up:
1- Hajj authentic supplications
2- Hijab Story: Why I don't wear Hijab
3- An interview about marriage search
4- Korim Show (he has final exams now)
5- Ask Napoleon of Outlawz (send in your questions for him)

Please make dua' for us to have the time/energy to post those shows soon

Please stay tuned.

Baraka Allahu feekum, may Allah bless you.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kid Calling Athan

Abdullah, 7 yrs old, living in Belgium. He is the designated Mu'athen (prayer caller) at home. May Allah guide him and protect him.

Athan in MP3

Abdullah interview in Chinese


Tags: Muslim kids from around the world, Chinese Muslim, Belgium, Europe, Kid reading Quran, Dua', supplications, Surah Qariaa, Azan, Adhan, Athan, calll to prayer, prayer calls, raising kids, Islam, parenting, Muslim parents, Shahadah

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Karim Show: Story Day

Click on the player (or right click and save 9 MB)Show 3

Tags: interview for job, Muslims interview, matching names to pictures, labeling, branding, beard, Karim, Muhammad, Osama, Musims working in America, getting a job, Santa Rosa, gas station, selling alcohol, selling haram, balancing hope and fear, Allah is the most forgiving, Allah is severe in punishment, Sunnah, identity, Muslims, Islam, Halal, Radio Show, Story day, reflections, Arizona, Muslim getting attacked inside a store, misunderstanding, stereotype, role model, patience, trials, hardship, difficulties, fear of Allah, advice, haram business, haram activity, reminder, thoughts, Muslims in America, "Are you Islam?"


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cleaning Up #1: Sad Eid Stories

This is part of the project: Cleaning Up Our Own Backyard, One Episode At A Time.

We collect things that bother us as Muslims, and try to fix them.

The first step to solve our problems, is to humbly admit them.

Here is episode #1.

It was my first Eid prayer. I showed up early, by myself, and found a place on the floor to sit. I noticed that no one made eye contact with me or said salaam or anything. Everyone kept to themselves. As more people streamed in, people sat around me. When it came close to prayer time, a sister walked up to me and--I'm not exaggerating here--started yelling at me for apparently single-handedly making the line crooked. I looked around and saw that there was no straight line at all for me to conform to, but I was so freaked out that I tried adjusting my prayer rug just to make her happy. This only made her ANGRIER, and she yelled at me some more. Finally she left me alone, but I was crying through the whole prayer. It would be one of many experiences of people in the Muslim community following Islam to the letter, but not the spirit. I don't mean to be negative about my experience as a Muslim, as there are many positive things I've experienced in the community as well. This just popped into my head.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Supplications of Sadness and Hardship

"O Allah, for your mercy I hope, so do not abandon me to myself not even for a moment (as short as a glance). And reform all my affairs. There is no god worthy to be worshiped except you"
-authentic narration

Morning & Evening Supplication

"O the ever living, O the eternal who sustains and protects all that exists. By your mercy I seek relief, reform all my affair, and do not abandon me to myself even for a moment."
-authentic narration

MP3 Versions:

The links may not be working, email us for the files, livinghalal at gmail.

Morning & Evening (Arabic)

Morning & Evening (English)

Hardship (Arabic)

Hardship (English)

Tags: Supplications, Dua, Du'a, Doa', Doa, Prophet (SAW), Messenger, peace be upon him, Allah, دعاء المكروب

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fasting Six of Shawwal

Shawwal is the month that comes after Ramadan.

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Whoever fasts Ramadan then follows it with six days of Shawwaal [the month after Ramadan], it will be as if he fasted a lifetime." Narrated by Muslim, 1164.

As scholars explained, Allah multiplies our rewards 10 times. So if you do the math:
Fasting one month is equivalent to fasting 10 months
Fasting 6 days is equivalent to fasting 60 days
Total = One year

Version One: Urdu delivered in Chini accent

Version Two: Urdu delivered in Desi wannabe accent

If you find this beneficial, please pray for us and post some comments, may Allah reward you.

Tags: Muslims, Islam, fasting, Urdu, Shawwal, rewards, good deeds, different accents, one ummah different dialects, diversity


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Interview with Napolean of Outlawz

Interview with former Outlawz Napoleon

Tags: Rapper, Outlawz, Napoleon, interview, tupac, music, song, halal life, halal, livinghalal, islam, muslim, story

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Karim Show: Comformity

Click to listen to Show 2

Tags: assimilate, comformity, blend in, peer pressure, boy friend, girl friend, promiscuous life, beard, shaving, clean shave, kufi, Sunnah, Islamic dressing, dignity, proud, identity, brand, Muslims, Islam, Halal, Radio Show, baseball hat, shamed of being Muslim, dating, mortgage, interests, riba, alcohol, clubing, pray in public, salah, muhammad go by mo, reminder, thoughts, identity crises, muslims in america.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hijab Stories 4: My Friend's Hijab Story

Tags: Hijab, hijaab, scarf, muslim, moslim, women, stories, documentary,

More Hijab Stories

Want to participate, click here

Post your comments... so we know you are watching. Jazakum Allahu khairan.

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Hijab Story Project Guidelines

Our goal is to present the human side story of Hijab. Basically, the purpose of the "documentary" is to understand why Muslims women wear or NOT wear Hijab.
You need to show the deep inner human reasoning behind this outward choice (wearing or not wearing Hijab).

To produce an audio story, beside the content, sound quality matters GREATLY (read the recording tips).

Everyone has a different story, so tell your story the way you want, but the following are some of the commonly Included Information
-My name is ... (say the name that they want to be known as)
-Age now and age when you practiced Hijab or stop practicing
-Are you a born Muslim and were you or your family practicing Islam?
-Are you are a revert/convert, how long it took you to practice Hijab?
-Do you live in a non-Muslim country, going to public school or Islamic one, working in “corporate America” or Muslim business?
-Born/raise in the west or Muslim country
-Do people wear Hijab in your family?
-How common is Hijab in your country?
-Why I didn’t want to wear it at the beginning, or why I don’t wear it now.
-Why are you wearing Hijab or why not?
-Was it difficult to wear Hijab, how did you start?
-Friends, family, co-workers, … reactions.
-Funny stories: positive or negative
-Any practical tips, like I started wearing Hijab after my sister encouraged me or after going to the Masjid more often...
-Are you going to raise your kids with Hijab? if yes, does that consider forcing them?
-What's your reaction toward media stories that Muslims girls are being forced?

Recording Tips:

When record, don't talk directly to the microphone that may create puffing sounds, talk to the microphone with an angle. But do talk close enough so your volume is loud and clear (best if u can wear a head phone to listen to your own voice while recording) or at least test your recording first.

You can record it using your computer and send the file to us (mp3 format best). Or you can record it on our Web site.


Your story will be public, so anything you don’t want to say it, or can’t say it…. THEN DON’T SAY IT.

Legal Note:

By recording and sending your story, you are releasing the copyrights to and granting the permission to use it in any current or future work. will also have the right to perform any production work that may include but not limited to editing and inclusion of other clips, or transmitting, regenerating the story in any other forms including but not limited to written and electronic formats.

Hijab Story Project


HalalSpots: Beurger [King] Muslim

This post is based on a tip from a Muslim couple who visited Paris with their kids.

We've ordered 6 pieces of fried chicken wings. They are quite delicious, with lots of spices. The burger is fine, just like any fast food restaurant, but Halal! There is a plasma TV set in the restaurant, and a play area for kids.

It was pleasant to dine here, masha Allah, and served by covered sisters.

Here are the photos of Beurger Muslim (it was "Beurger King Muslim" before, but as you can see in the picture, the "King" was removed!!)

13 Allée de Gagny
93390 Clichy-Sous-Bois, D93

As always, spot a Halal Restaurant? Share It.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MuslimLife: Balancing Family, Work, and Faith

A Day in a Muslim's Life: This is a typical day for a brother striving to live a balanced halal life in a metropolitan America where he juggles family, work, and practising his faith.

Click to listen

Tags: Muslim in America, Praying at work, Fajr, Dhuhur, Maghrib, Congregation, Muslim lifestyle, Stuck in traffic, Los Angeles traffic, teaching Children, Raising kids, family responsibility, improvement, Dunya, Akhirah, hereafter, working as Muslim, Moslim, Moslem, Quran, Koran, Supplications, accountability, wife, married life, balanced life, audio story, juggles responsibilities, Halaal, Hallal, Halal.

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